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June 6, 2014

DO I NEED MORE THAN A WILL? - What documents are generally included in an estate plan and why?

I often hear people say “I need to get my will done,” however, what these individuals do not understand is that a comprehensive estate plan is actually needed in order to obtain the peace of mind they wish to achieve. Each document within an estate plan serves different purposes, and together they help protect individual’s health decisions, assets and loved ones.

The most common used estate-planning documents and their purposes are as follows...

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April 27, 2014

LIVING TRUSTS: Not Only for the Rich

Most individuals first hear of trusts in the context of extremely affluent families passing down wealth from generation to generation and believe trusts would be of no use to them. This is false! Living trusts can be used by most families and can be a very useful estate planning tool.

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