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Boston Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Landlord-tenant issues can be particularly stressful and can escalate into major problems in a short period of time. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, conflicts quickly become personal and emotional. If these disputes are not properly resolved, they can lead to serious legal and financial consequences for everyone involved.

The Law Offices of Shaun A. Hannafin is a Boston area law firm that concentrates on preventing and resolving all types of landlord-tenant disputes. Attorney Hannafin is an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the complex laws governing landlord-tenant relationships. He believes in taking a proactive approach to the law, working closely with his clients to help them avoid difficult and costly legal problems before they arise.

Unfortunately not all legal problems can be predicted or prevented in advance. When legal issues and disputes surface, Attorney Hannafin is well positioned to help his clients achieve a positive outcome through negotiation, mediation or litigation. He has an in-depth understanding of the rights of landlords and tenants and is committed to solving problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Representing Landlord and Tenants

The Law Offices of Shaun A. Hannafin represents both landlords and tenants in many aspects of their relationship, including:

Tenant Representation:

Landlord Representation:

The Law Offices of Shaun A. Hannafin is familiar with the diverse challenges and difficulties that can arise in a landlord-tenant relationship. Landlords often save for years in order to invest in property and secure the luxury of a rental income. The rental income may be used to pay off a loan, fund other investments, make property upgrades or pay for personal expenses. Landlords understandably become upset when a lessee does not pay owed rent or is blatantly damaging the rental property.  On the other hand, the tenant has the right of possession to the rental property – his home – and can feel violated when a landlord illegally interferes with or interrupts that possession.

Responsive to Clients’ Needs

At the Law Offices of Shaun A. Hannafin landlords and tenants can take comfort in knowing that their needs and concerns are always our first priority. Whether you are a new or experienced landlord drafting an apartment lease or a tenant who is battling poor or unsafe housing conditions, we will give your case the time and attention that it deserves. We guide our clients through complicated processes and procedures, providing the advice and information they need to take proper legal action.

If you are involved in a landlord tenant dispute or have questions about your legal rights, schedule an appointment with a Boston area lawyer at our firm today. You can reach the Law Offices of Shaun A. Hannafin by calling (617)-848-4572.

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"I strongly recommend this attorney if you have any issue with your landlord. He s very knowledgeable in the landlord-tenant law, he is available and he will regularly give you updates and advices for your issue. I called other attorneys and I would recommend only this one because he really listens to you and try his best to make things go in your way. If you are French, you have more reason to call him because he also speaks French."